Dust-free animal bedding

COSYFLOCK® animal bedding is produced from dust-free softwood flakes. It is a 100% natural product and creates a balanced stall climate for large and small animals alike. It is suitable for the following animals:

  • small pets
  • horses
  • laboratory animals
  • and many more
Our animal bedding is a pure natural product made from selected wood. In order to ensure consistent quality, we regularly commission a laboratory to carry out external quality controls.


Pack sizes

As a production partner we offer COSYFLOCK® as a private label product in different pack sizes:

  • 3.9 l compressed bedding = 13 l expanded bedding
  • 14 l compressed bedding = 46 l expanded bedding
  • 20 kg


COSYFLOCK® – Technical data

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COSYFLOCK® from dust-free and selected softwood flocks
Bulk density [g/l] ~ 60
Particles smaller than 150µm [%] ~ 3
Moisture[%] ~ 8
Ash [%] < 0,6
Absorption [%] > 500